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Book Signing at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

small dendrobium

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, 1:00- 3:00 Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden will host a book signing for artists with paintings in the newly published book “Native Plants of the Mid-Atlantic”.
It is concurrent with the garden’s Heritage days. Admission to the garden is expected, but, if you can, please stop by the library and say hi.

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Dendrobium Orchids

My sketchbook is where I work out colors and composition.

My sketchbook is where I work out colors and composition.

small dendrobium

My most recent work is a small Dendrobium orchid.

 Dendrobium orchids have two or three leaves on an almost impossibly slender stem.  As they open, they have an almost triangular bud.  Before painting this particular image, I did a number of sketches and dissected the blossom and taped the parts of the flower to my sketchbook so I could refer to them later

I use as sketchbook to make decisions about composition and color as well as to figure out the lighting and forms of the final painting.  I don’t usually share my sketchbooks but I have them all over the place.

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Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic is now available

Native Plants book cover

Pinxter azalea

An exhibition of the paintings from the Botanical Artists for Education and the Environment (BAEE) book, American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic, will be held February 15 to June 15, 2014 at the U. S. Botanic Garden in Washington, DC.  My painting of the pinxter azalea is in this book and will be on display at the exhibit.

What surprised me about this project is how hard it was to find specimens from which to work. This plant is not rare, but it is not in bloom for very long. It took me three years to complete the project, because each time I found a stand of the plant, it was in bloom only for a few days and each year I had to find a new stand because the original plants had been destroyed by development or mowed down. It reminded me how important it is to preserve flowers like this, even though they are common now, their future is not assured.

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